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7 Hacks To Increase Your Gut Health

September 22, 2022

Wondering how to increase your gut health? Then, you're in the right place. Today, there is more talk of gut health and the gut microbiome than ever before. In this article, we'll talk about precisely what gut health means, learn more about the gut microbiome, and share seven of the...

How to Overcome Travel Anxiety: Our Top Tips

July 07, 2022

Your home is your safe space. It's where you feel most comfortable and relaxed. But what happens when you have to leave that comfort zone and travel? Leaving home can trigger anxiety and make many people feel out of control. But today, we'll tell you more about how to overcome...

Dealing With Anxiety Using tVNS

January 26, 2022

At some point, we all experience anxiety in some form or another. These feelings of fear, dread, and uneasiness aren't entirely avoidable for any of us. But there are ways to take back control when anxiety takes over. But treating anxiety isn't a one-size fits all approach. To understand the...

What Causes Anxiety: Triggers, Signs and Prevention

May 13, 2021

Do you know that feeling of worry and fear that seems to creep during times where you’re feeling uncertain or stressed? That feeling is one that many people identify as anxiety and it can range anywhere from an occasional occurrence to an ongoing disorder.   Regardless of if you’re someone...

Neuroscience of Gratitude: How it Affects Anxiety & Grief

November 18, 2020

At the end of the day we all want the same thing, don't we? A happy life filled with love, laughter, health, and stability. While this might be the most basic way to explain what we’re all really after, it’s inherently what we seek as humans. We take active steps...

9 Tips for Anxiety Relief to Help You Feel Your Best

July 02, 2020

When you're feeling anxious, it's hard to focus on anything else. Your mind and heart might be racing, your palms could be sweating, and you could feel an impending sense of doom. To help you manage these symptoms and get back to feeling your best, we've compiled 9 tips for...

What Happens When We Procrastinate?

March 05, 2020

Procrastination. A torturous and anxiety-provoking concept for all of us planners. But the truth is, we’ve all done it before. You know, that feeling when you just really don’t want to do something in the moment, so you put it off, claiming that you’ll do it later. Some have even...

Finding the Calm in Your Every Day

February 20, 2020

Your mind is racing. You have so much to do and not enough time to do it. Or maybe you can’t stop thinking about that one conversation yesterday because you feel you really should have said this or that. And now it’s too late and who knows what will happen....

How Caffeine Affects Your Nervous System

February 06, 2020

Sometimes it’s difficult to get moving in the morning. Gloomy days and not enough sleep can leave us feeling exhausted. And sure, we all love that cup of coffee that helps kick start our mornings. Even though studies have shown that a cup of coffee can actually reduce our risk...

Dealing With the Stress of Uncertainty

January 23, 2020

Human beings are creatures of habit. We like it when we feel in control of our lives and when everything happens as we planned. But when the unexpected occurs, it can be stressful. The way we react to uncertainty can differ from person to person. Some will experience very little...