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The Vagus Nerve: Our Hacks To Better Mental Health

April 29, 2021

If you were asked about your knowledge around the vagus nerve, what would you have to say? Maybe that it’s simply a “nerve in your body” or that you just don’t know! If this answer sounds like something similar to your own response, you’re not alone!   The vagus nerve...

Your Biohacking Guide to Better Brain Health

July 20, 2020

Take a minute and imagine your body is a bright red sports car. Or perhaps it's a more practical option. Either way, ask yourself who's in the driver's seat? Most experts will agree, your brain is the one calling the shots for your body. And when it comes to helping...

Biohacking 101: Hack Your Nervous System

June 25, 2020

Biohacking is usually a term used to describe using a simple shortcut method to enhance the performance of the mind and body. There are certain companies creating very innovative products for biohacking. Biohacking 101 Let’s talk about simplicity and the nervous system. These are two terms that don’t seem to...

Our Top Tips to Biohack Your Life & Eliminate Unwanted Stress

May 13, 2020

Today we’re sharing with you our favorite tips to biohack your life and eliminate unwanted stress. And they couldn’t come at a better time! During these days of unprecedented events, lots of people are experiencing not only more stress, but new kinds of stress every day. Mental Health Month This...