Parasympathetic Nervous System

How to Stimulate Your Parasympathetic Nervous System

The nervous system is incredibly complex. In fact, it can be so intimidating many of us give up altogether on trying to understand it. But what if we told you the key to improved well-being could ...
Drinking Caffeine Neuvana

How Caffeine Affects Your Nervous System

Sometimes it’s difficult to get moving in the morning. Gloomy days and not enough sleep can leave us feeling exhausted. And sure, we all love that cup of coffee that helps kick start our mornings....
Your brain's response to giving - ‘Tis The Season of Giving

‘Tis The Season of Giving

There is so much more to the holidays than getting gifts, attending parties, and spending time with loved ones. The holidays are also a season of giving back. And when you give, you’re doing so mu...


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