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How Tuning Into Your Body Can Promote Resilience

August 24, 2020

There are a lot of words you're hearing more than ever this year: Pandemic, social distancing, face coverings, working from home, to name a few. Hopefully, you're seeing words like overcome, heal, and resilience too. What is resilience? Resilience is a lot more than a buzzword this year. It's our...

How to Stimulate Your Parasympathetic Nervous System

July 27, 2020

The nervous system is incredibly complex. In fact, it can be so intimidating many of us give up altogether on trying to understand it. But what if we told you the key to improved well-being could lie in triggering certain nervous system responses? It's true – the autonomic nervous system...

5 Tips on Vagus Nerve Stimulation to Try Today

July 13, 2020

You've probably heard of the fight-or-flight response. Now, what about the rest-and-digest response? Or tend-and-befriend? Even if you're not familiar with them, you can likely imagine what's more optimal for the body: being in a state of resting and digesting rather than feeling the urge to fight or flee. So,...

Biohacking 101: Hack Your Nervous System

June 25, 2020

Biohacking is usually a term used to describe using a simple shortcut method to enhance the performance of the mind and body. There are certain companies creating very innovative products for biohacking. Biohacking 101 Let’s talk about simplicity and the nervous system. These are two terms that don’t seem to...

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