A New 2020 Testimony for XEN by Neuvana from Chief Physiotherapist





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January 06, 2020 1 min read

"We have been using Neuvana’s first-generation product for 4 years and the second generation, Xen, is even better with all its advancements! We are so excited with the results we see when we use Xen! We see lower blood pressure and respiration rates, improved sleep, better mood, a greater tolerance for therapeutic sessions, and quicker recovery from strength training. All these benefits make Xen a groundbreaking modality in our treatment protocols.

We provide customized care for patients who are rehabilitating from injuries, ranging from minor to catastrophic, as well as working with elite athletes who seek optimal performance. Moreover, we use Neuvana on some of our neurological patients suffering from sleep deficits or mood disorders and the findings have been significant! We use Xen by Neuvana in many of our programs because we have found that balancing the nervous system puts the body in a state that is prone to better recovery and rehabilitation." Lisa Corsa, DPT, MPT, DO (Spain), ATC/L, CPT, CKPT, LSVT-BIG Founder and Chairman of Premier Therapy Solutions

Lisa Corsa is the Chief Physiotherapist of her own cutting-edge facility in South Florida. Her highly specialized practice sees over 100 clients each month. Her clients come from all over the world to experience state of the art care and cutting-edge technology in every aspect of their recovery.