xen for stress

When life throws its curveballs at you, don't sweat it! Embrace the power of Xen by Neuvana, a powerful tool that'll help you find your inner zen and unleash your awesomeness!

find the calm you crave

Stress is an integral part of our lives, with everyone feeling it to some extent. However, the difference between feeling stressed and being stressed out matters.

At Neuvana, we believe if you're overstressing, you’re not fully living. By incorporating Xen into your daily routine, you can effectively reduce stress and enhance your overall well-being.

Start in Sensation Mode using Waveform A paired with High & Low to help you destress.

from burnout, to balance

Anytime you're faced with a stressful situation, the body triggers its "fight or flight" response. This survival mechanism helps us quickly and efficiently respond to danger by releasing hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. While this can be helpful in short-term situations, chronic "fight or flight" mode leads to physical and mental exhaustion — also known as burnout.

what our customers are saying

unlock the secret to a stress-free life


A nice, noninvasive way to strengthen the vagus nerve to overcome stress and anxiety. The stimulation method is very gentle and relaxing.

Jeffrey B.


As a Veteran with PTSD, I am constantly searching for ways to alleviate my anxiety / stress / panic attacks. When I feel an attack coming on, I fire up the device... and within a few seconds, my heart is slowing down, my breathing becomes more regulated and my blood pressure drops!!!



I've been on medication for anxiety and insomnia for 38 years. I've tried Yoga, deep breathing exercises, walking to help. Since using Xen I am less anxious, better focused and am able to sleep better.

Thomas B.


when my medical provider told me to buy this to help lower my stress levels, I scoffed and secretly rolled my eyes. Then I tried it... It does make me feel calmer and helps me get my mind and body into a peaceful state.