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Experience the power of a great night's sleep. Boost your mood, sharpen your focus, and ignite your energy. Xen by Neuvana: your secret to ultimate relaxation, unwinding, and superior sleep.

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Trouble sleeping leads to trouble doing just about anything else. The consequences of not getting enough rest - or good quality rest - go far beyond just feeling grumpy the next day. In fact, sleep deprivation is linked to a variety of serious long-term health consequences, including obesity, heart disease, a weakened immune system, and much more.

At Neuvana, we believe that enhanced daily rejuvenation —a.k.a. a great night’s sleep —belongs at the very top of everyone’s to-do list.

In Sensation mode, use Waveform F paired with Ocean Waves for better sleep.

introducing restorative sleep

The vagus nerve is closely associated with sleep quality. It balances the nervous system by promoting a relaxation response, a critical component of good sleep.

Under ideal conditions, your body sends autonomic signals, including notably increased parasympathetic (vagal) activity and reduction of sympathetic drive before you fall asleep. This contributes to your heart rate slowing down. As you can imagine, a slower heart rate induces a state of relaxation, and ultimately sleep.

That's where Xen comes in. Evidence shows that stimulating the vagus nerve can have dramatic effects on your overall well-being, including that it can contribute to a better night's sleep!

what our customers are saying

goodbye restless nights, hello restful slumber


It's difficult to describe but once I initiate a session I'm transported to a calm relaxed place. I use this mainly at night and my OURA report shows increased deep sleep, REM, and better HRV. HELLO!!!! So grateful I found this

Jennifer L.


What a magical little device!I have had sleep issues for a few years now due to pain (from EDS & Sjögrens) and high heart rate (due to POTS).The first thing I noticed with the Xen is that I started breathing more relaxed and deeper without having to think of it. That effect came instantly. The second thing I noticed is that the time it takes to fall asleep was cut in at least half and I don’t wake up as frequently. The third thing I have noticed after using Xen for a while was that I got more and more deep sleep (that I usually don’t have enough of).

Xenia P.


I have been using the Neuvana device to help induce sleep for several months. I didn't know how well it was working until I left the charging cord behind at a hotel and have had to go without for a few weeks. I miss my soothing Neuvana routine and treatment. The company is really good to work with.

Wendy B.


I have been having a LOT of difficulty with sleep for a long time. I began tracking my REM and Deep Sleep with another device and it has been showing that I was only having MINUTES, sometimes only 4-5 of REM per night and sometimes NONE. I tried Neuvana for the first time last night & I had NO awakening, 1.5hrs of Deep Sleep, 2.75hrs of REM!!!!!!! I actually felt rested with a clearer mind when I woke up.