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Science confirms the vagus nerve is the key to well-being. Improve resilience, sleep, and anxiety with vagus nerve stimulation.

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Vagus nerve stimulation is an effective treatment that’s widely studied, tested, and trusted by the world’s best. Some of the world's greatest athletes, trainers, scientists, researchers, doctors, coaches, and businesses trust Neuvana for their vagus nerve stimulation needs.

At Neuvana, we believe that enhanced wellness, balance, and rejuvenation is an everyday right (and one that shouldn’t rest at the bottom of your to-do list). That’s why in 2014, seasoned inventor Richard Cartledge, MD gathered a team to investigate and design a way to recreate the beneficial effects of vagus nerve stimulation in a consumer-friendly device. Now, stress relief is as easy as tuning in to your favorite music.

Our team's mission is to continually improve lives through neuroscience with products designed to increase relaxation and overall well-being. Our commitment to effective neurostimulation, ever-evolving science and everyday ease allows you to fit calm into your life - no extra work required. When you plug in, you're joining the wellness-lovers, the conscious-crew, and the science-obsessed.

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"Having more vagus nerve activity can decrease inflammation, blood pressure, anxiety, heart rate and improve sleep and digestion. It's called the “rest and digest” nerve. The good news is that it does not take a pill to activate the vagus nerve. I am using a vagus nerve stimulator called, Xen, which I combine with music and breath to activate multiple pathways of the vagus nerve. However you decide to do it, becoming a vagus nerve expert can bring you health and relaxation"


"We are so excited with the results we see when we use Xen! We see lower blood pressure and respiration rates, improved sleep, better mood, a greater tolerance for therapeutic sessions, and quicker recovery from strength training. All these benefits make Xen a groundbreaking modality in our treatment protocols."


"Neuvana now offers an unprecedented solution for achieving greater wellbeing... It's one of the most user-friendly and innovative therapeutic devices in existence. With the heart of an idealist, visionary, and a biomedical-research-scientist-inventor-wanna-be brain, Xen struck a chord with every fiber of my being, especially my vagus nerve."