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Join us on our mission to improve lives through neuroscience.

We're always looking to grow our community. Are you interested in partnering with Neuvana as an affiliate, clinical partner, content creator, or researcher?


If you have an online following that could benefit from a better night's sleep, less stress, and improved focus, join our Affiliate Program and bring the proven benefits of vagus nerve stimulation to your audience.

Clinical Partners

Whether you have a private practice, are in a clinic or wellness spa, are a coach or sports professional, or are a mental health professional we have a program that allows you to incorporate Xen into client protocols.

Content Creators

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Optimize Wellbeing

Science confirms the vagus nerve is the key to well-being. Improve resilience, sleep, and anxiety with vagus nerve stimulation.

Wellness In Your Hands
Xen's innovative technology allows you to take control of your wellness by tapping into your brain's relaxation response — shutting out stress and improving your sleep.

Grow Your Business

Attract new clients with cutting-edge neuroscience, discounted prices, and affordable VNS sessions in office.

Implement Effortlessly
Our team of experts will advise you which model works best for your business. Implementation is as easy as downloading the Neuvana app and pairing Xen with your phone.

Studied By The Experts, Trusted By The Best

Vagus nerve stimulation is an effective treatment that’s widely studied, tested, and trusted by the world’s best. Some of the world's greatest athletes, trainers, scientists, researchers, doctors, coaches, and businesses trust Neuvana for their vagus nerve stimulation needs.

Bridging The Gap Between Wellness and Technology

At Neuvana, we believe that enhanced wellness, balance, and rejuvenation is an everyday right (and one that shouldn’t rest at the bottom of your to-do list). That’s why in 2014, seasoned inventor Richard Cartledge, MD gathered a team to investigate and design a way to recreate the beneficial effects of vagus nerve stimulation in a consumer-friendly device. Now, stress relief is as easy as tuning in to your favorite music.

New Pathways, New You

Our team's mission is to continually improve lives through neuroscience with products designed to increase relaxation and overall well-being. Our commitment to effective neurostimulation, ever-evolving science and everyday ease allows you to fit calm into your life - no extra work required. When you plug in, you're joining the wellness-lovers, the conscious-crew, and the science-obsessed.

Ongoing Studies

Backed By Research

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Courtney Vlk  - HEALTH & LIFE COACH

"With the heart of an idealist, visionary, and a biomedical-research-scientist-inventor-wanna-be brain, Xen struck a chord with every fiber of my being, especially my vagus nerve."

Christa Rucker  -  ALEXFERGUS.COM

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