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about vagus nerve stimulation


The vagus nerve is like your personal 'chill-out' button, when activated it starts sending signals to your brain for ultimate relaxation.

backed by research

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new pathways, new you

Practice makes perfect. The neat thing about your brain? The more glimpses of relaxation it sees, the more it is able to stay there, and the easier it will be to get to that state in the future. It's all thanks to neuroplasticity — your brain's ability to create and rewire new pathways between neurons at any age, any stage.

better brain, better life

If you don't use it, you lose it. When you engage your brain through regular VNS, you're better able to rise from limitations and lead the life you desire. With a unit that is easily integrated into your daily routines, you're more likely to use it.

find the calm you crave

cutting-edge neurotech

Auricular (ear-based) vagus-nerve stimulation is a reliable and efficient method, as evidenced by a growing body of studies on both healthy subjects and those battling chronic conditions. Xen's sleek design is familiar, easy-to-use, and works hard for you.

invented by a physician

Minimize stress and elevate your well-being. Spurred on by the success of vagal nerve stimulation, top surgeon and inventor, Dr. Richard Cartledge, created Xen so you can feel the intersection of electronics and neuorscience on-the-go.


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"The current study's results suggest a promising future for tVNS as fast, effective language learning support. Improvements were observed almost immediately..."

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"...tVNS for two weeks significantly improved measures of QoL"

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“tVNS is safe and well tolerated at the doses tested in research studies to date”