Tune in to wellness.

Experience Xen. Better sleep, less stress, and a brighter mood await.

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Listen up. Calm down.

Xen may help you reach a deeper state of relaxation—all while you listen to your music.

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The power of neuroscience.

By leveraging how the brain, body, and nervous system work together, Xen by Neuvana can create happier, healthier, more balanced lives.

What is the
vagus nerve?

The vagus nerve balances the nervous system. It’s the communication pathway between the brain and major organ systems in the body.

What is vagus nerve stimulation (VNS)?

Through VNS, gentle electrical signals are delivered to the vagus nerve. This sends a message to the brain to generate calming sensations in the body and may promote a relaxed state.


How does
Xen work?

A specially designed earbud delivers gentle electrical signals to your vagus nerve promoting a deeper state of relaxation. You can use it with or without music.


Wellness Benefits

VNS has been scientifically researched for decades and shown to have many wellness benefits.

Works with your music.

Get the benefits of vagus nerve stimulation while listening to your music. Xen syncs to your music library, Spotify®, Pandora®, and most other streaming apps.

Fits in your life.

Use Xen almost anywhere — at home, on your subway commute, or at the office. It’s safe, compact, and discreet.


With the Neuvana app, you can easily customize your sessions to choose different waveforms and sensations, all while you listen to your music or go about your day.

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