Holiday Gifts Ideas for Health & Fitness Gurus

5 Holiday Gifts Ideas for Health & Fitness Gurus - Fox News

"Give the gift of relaxation with Xen, a new device designed to deliver multiple wellness benefits through ear-based vagus nerve stimulation (VNS).

Xen works by using earbuds that send a gentle electrical signal to a vagus nerve catalyst located in the ear. When the vagus nerve is stimulated, it activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which supports a calm and positive mood.

The Xen device can be paired with a music streaming app or library so users can listen to their favorite tunes or ambient sounds while Xen subtly sends electrical waveforms through your ear and to the vagus nerve.

The company website says the benefits of VNS can include better sleep, less stress, more tranquility, enhanced focus, a brighter mood and even reduced cravings.

Neuvana recommends two 15- to 20-minute daily sessions in order for users to feel the effects of VNS in one to two weeks." -