Earbud-like device offers better sleep, lower anxiety, South Florida surgeon says

Earbud-like device offers better sleep, lower anxiety, South Florida surgeon says

A new device developed by local doctors uses your ear as a non-invasive gateway to better sleep, lower anxiety, better mood and improved cognitive abilities.

Invented by a South Florida cardiac surgeon and backed by neuroscience, Neuvana’s Xen device stimulates the vagus nerve through the ear.

“The vagus nerve is one of the most important information highways between the brain and the body,” explained Dr. Michael Mannino.

The non-invasive stimulation has been proven to help various functions in the body and brain.

“Everything about us, your desires, your hopes, your wishes, your purpose your, your dreams, everything, value your fears. It comes from the brain and how neurons are firing,” Dr. Mannino said.

Bethany Smock was the victim of a vicious attack while she worked to renovate her grandparents’ home in New Jersey. Her shoulders required multiple surgeries among several other injuries.

“I have a stigmatism on the right because this is the side that he hit on the cement and on the tile floor,” she said.

She struggled emotionally for years. 

“I looked okay from the outside, but from the inside I was not, I was very much suffering from PTSD, you know there was times I thought about suicide,” Smock said.

Smock said she was unable to sleep at night for several years, which took an incredible toll.

“I was constantly in flight or fright all day long,” she said.

Smock has an advanced degree in mammography. She tried everything from meditation to medication before she finally tried Neuvana’s device. She found it to be a game-changer.

“I went from not even being able to fall asleep to now, I fall asleep before my session is even over with it,” she said.


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