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Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping Questions

At this time, we only ship orders to addresses in the United States and Canada. 

 For international orders, Neuvana highly recommends shipping to a physical address rather than a PO Box.  

Customers are responsible for import duties and customs taxes as per the laws of their country of residence. Please check your local government agency to learn more about these costs.

All orders submitted before 2pm EST will be processed on the same day. Weekends and holidays are not included. This includes orders with expedited shipping selected.  

Shipping begins when the item leaves our fulfillment warehouse. You will receive an email with your tracking information once your order is shipped.  

Orders within the U.S. should take 2-5 business days to arrive, depending on location, unless you have requested expedited shipping.

For international orders, delivery should be within 7-10 business days, but there may be exceptions to some destination countries. Customs-related delays are not controllable. We recommend you follow the tracking information sent to you to learn more about any delivery exceptions and delays. 

Neuvana offers free shipping for orders within the US. For orders outside the US, free shipping is limited to orders of $400 or more. Orders less than $400 will be charged a flat shipping rate of $30.  

If you have any problems with your package delivery, please contact our Customer Experience Team by phone at 844.638.8262 or email at to request an investigation.

Once we receive your request, we open an investigation with the shipping carrier and follow up with you only once that investigation is complete. Due to this, please allow a total of 5-7 business days to follow up on your request.

General Questions

Xen by Neuvana is specifically designed to stimulate a branch of the vagus nerve. When the left earbud is placed in your left ear and your Xen unit is turned on and properly paired with the Neuvana App on your smartphone, a gentle electrical signal is transmitted that is intended to stimulate the vagus nerve. There is research to suggest that vagus nerve stimulation can have significant health and wellness benefits and many of our customers tell us that it benefits them! It does not work for everyone, which is why we offer a money back guarantee.

Xen can be used almost any time. During a stressful day, after an intense workout, in your morning routine, or any time you want to replace tension with calm feelings.

Because Xen may create a state of deep relaxation, you should not drive a car, operate heavy machinery, or engage in any other activity which can put you or others at risk of injury while using Xen and for thirty minutes after use.

We recommend starting with 15-minute sessions twice a day. As you become more accustomed to the product, you may gradually increase the time per session. To be on the safe side, Xen should not be used more than 30 minutes at a time.

Xen’s technology is designed to gently stimulate the vagus nerve and has passed all product safety testing. Xen has been used by thousands of adults without significant reported safety concerns.

Xen’s electrical signal is usually described as tingling or tickling in the ear. The intensity can be adjusted up or down during your session, to your comfort level. Some Xen users describe a calm feeling within minutes of starting a session, and the calmness can last a half hour or more after the session ends. Many users find that daily use over a period of several weeks promotes a stronger sense of wellbeing.

It is well accepted that stress has negative health effects on the body. Research suggests the type of stimulation Xen provides may improve sleep, reduce stress, boost your mood and enhance focus to support overall wellness. Individual results may vary.

If you have a medical condition and/or take prescription medications, you should talk to your doctor before purchasing or using Xen.

If you have a medical implant, specifically an implanted or metallic electrical device, you should not use Xen. Doing so could cause electric shock, burns, electrical interference, or death.

Xen is designed and intended to use by individuals 18 years or older. Keep the system out of reach of children.

Xen is not for use by pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Most people feel the stimulation in their left ear, and typically say it feels like a tingling sensation. It isn’t necessary to feel the signal to experience the benefits. In fact, much of today’s tVNS research has been done at a level just below what people can feel. One way to achieve this is to increase the intensity to a level where you feel the stimulation and then leave it at that point or reduce it to just below that level. 

Using your Xen in Sync mode allows you to choose your music and set the stimulation to the beat.  You’ll not only hear your music but the sound will act as a sensation and match the stimulation to your music. 

If you use your Xen in Sensation mode, you won’t hear any sounds unless you set music to play in the background. In this case, the music is not acting as a sensation but as background only. 

Lastly, if you use your Xen in Ambient mode, you will hear the sounds of what is going on around you (if you’re at a concert, watching TV, or at the movies, for example) and these will act to alter the sensation. Be sure to try them all and pick which suits you the best.

Music is optional when you use your Xen by Neuvana. One option is using your own music to customize your VNS session and have the stimulation follow the beat of your music. You can also just play the music in the background using our pre-programmed patterns (sensations). Or, if you don’t want to use music, you can enjoy a session while using our pre-programmed patterns that don’t include sound.

There are a number of reasons that you may not feel the stimulation and most of these are easy to check or resolve. First, make sure you have fitted your earbuds, make sure your earbuds are installed on the headphones properly (dots aligned), make sure your ears are free of excessive wax, and be sure to use your saline for increased conductivity.

If you continue not to feel the stimulation, please reach out to our customer experience team.

Technical Questions

To charge your Xen unit, use the charging cable and the wall adapter included in your Xen box set. You will need to remove the headphones, if they are attached, and insert the USB-C plug into the charging port of your Xen unit.

Xen offers a unique experience combining both sound and vagus nerve stimulation via two separate connections to Bluetooth.  One is to connect the audio for our patented earphones.  The other connects the Xen unit and allows the stimulation to be controlled by the Neuvana app.  This will become more familiar as you consistently use your Xen.

While using your Xen, the LED will display multiple colors to indicate what is going on.
• Green will show when you initially turn your Xen on.
• Blue will flash on your Xen as it looks for a Bluetooth connection.
• Blue will become solid once your Xen makes a Bluetooth connection with your phone.
• Purple will show once you start a session, to indicate the signal is being generated to stimulate your vagus nerve.
• Green will show upon completion of your session, when you turn the device off by holding down the power button, to indicate that it is shutting off.
• Red will show when your first plug in your Xen to be charged, indicating a low battery level.
• Green will show when your Xen is charged.

To check your Xen’s battery level, within the Neuvana app, tap the Settings icon. The battery life is indicated at the bottom of the Settings screen.

When charging your Xen, the LED will turn red to indicate a low battery level and turn to green once it is fully charged.

You cannot charge your Xen and use it for a session at the same time.

You cannot change a waveform during a session. If you decide to change waveforms during a session, simply end the session by clicking Stop & Reset, confirm you want to end the session, and proceed to start a new session with a different waveform. If you are using music with your session, the music will continue while you reset your settings.

The only headphones that are compatible with the Xen unit are the specially designed Xen headphones. Other headphones will not work with the Xen unit.

All adjustments to your music that is coming from outside the Neuvana app will be made directly in that streaming app or podcast app.
Whenever you are using a music or media source from a site outside of the Neuvana app, first open the media page (media icon) and select External. This tells the app that your music is coming from outside the app. To choose your music, open your streaming app or online media source, select your music, and adjust your volume.

You can use any streaming apps available on your phone. The Neuvana app and your Xen are not limited by any streaming services.

In Sync Mode, there are no pre-programmed Sensations, as pattern of stimulation will depend on the music you are listening to. The sensation will follow the beat of the music to deliver the stimulation to your Vagus Nerve.

While you can adjust the intensity of stimulation at any time during your session, it isn’t necessary. The electrical signal pattern follows the beat of your music. The stimulation signal may feel stronger or softer to you based on the intensity of the music you are listening to and may vary from song to song.

In Sync Mode, your music/audio selection and the phone volume may affect the intensity and frequency of stimulation. If the stimulation feels uncomfortable, you can either turn your volume down or turn the intensity down through your Neuvana app until the stimulation intensity is comfortable for you.


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