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6 Ways to Build Emotional Resiliency in Uncertain Times

It’s more common that you might think to feel emotionally unstable, especially during the pandemic we are currently living through. Emotional resiliency almost seems like something that is unattainable as we battle the nervousness and anxiety that COVID-19 has brought with it.

The uncertainty of the situation alone is enough to skyrocket our emotions, not to mention the financial stress that many are having to deal with.

While it’s only normal to experience stress occasionally, emotional resiliency is something that IS achievable–even during the most difficult of times.

In fact, it’s during these times when it’s even more important to prioritize emotional wellness. With the right tools and the willingness to dedicate yourself to it, emotional resiliency is most certainly achievable.

What is Emotional Resiliency?

It may come as a surprise that emotional resiliency is actually a trait that you can develop. It allows you the ability to handle stress more easily as you learn to take it on in a calm and effective way.

People who have emotional resiliency are able to adapt to the different situations thrown their way, without letting their emotions get out of control.

Steps to Building Emotional Resiliency

Since emotional resiliency is a trait that can be learned and developed over time, there are steps available to help you get there.

Check out our six favorite ways to build emotional resiliency and maintain your emotional wellness during these uncertain times.

Start every day with intention

The very start of your day is the most important part as it sets the tone for the rest of your day. The way that you spend the very first hour of your day is crucial. It helps determine how the rest of the day will unfold.

If you start your day by thinking about everything that you need to accomplish, or the projects that you need to complete for others, you’re less likely to have a handle on your emotions throughout the day.

Taking a few minutes each morning to set your intentions and focus on yourself is a great way to better maintain emotional wellness. You can think about your challenges and let your feelings go from the day before.

A clear slate makes for a better day all around.

Practice self-awareness when it comes to your emotions

The only person that has the ability to gain emotional resiliency is you. This is why it’s so important to practice self-awareness when it comes to your emotions.

Check in with yourself regularly to gauge your emotions and feelings as you go about your day. Think about what problem-solving techniques you can use to do away with anxious feelings and negative emotions.

When you can learn to recognize and identify your stress responses and emotional strains, you become more resilient through self-management. This is also helpful for catching negative emotions before they take over and lead you into a bad state of mind.

Focus on the things you can control rather than those you can’t

There are many things out of your control. Especially during these uncertain times. This means that time and emotions are most often wasted worrying about the things out of your control.

The things that you can control include your own actions, the work you produce, and how you contribute to others. You may feel the need to panic or worry about the current situation, but ultimately it is just one of those things you don’t have power over.

Practice your resiliency by preparing yourself to have a handle on your emotions, no matter what is thrown your way. Developing structure and routines in your life are also great ways to keep your cool when it comes to more stressful situations.

It is also beneficial to learn how to control yourself when pushed outside of your comfort zone. Learn all about your comfort zone here.

Incorporate physical activity into your day

Take breaks to move your body.

It is an important part of not only your physical health, but your emotional health as well. Physical activity releases hormones called endorphins which work to bring on positive feelings and relief from stress.

Physical activity helps clear the mind and gain new perspective.

Find the meaning in every situation

There is deeper meaning in just about every situation. The ability to tap in to this meaning however, relies on a person’s willingness to do so.

The pandemic, for example, provides plenty of reason for negative emotions to arise. Your resiliency in this situation surfaces when you are able to find the deeper meaning in this otherwise negative situation.

You might try to recognize the positive side to the pandemic through an increase in time for family and friends, or the ability to take up a hobby you’ve been meaning to.

Use the tools available to you to become more resilient

Emotional resiliency can be achieved through science! While this might sound too good to be true, it is a lot more achievable than you might think.

The vagus nerve is the longest nerve of the autonomic nervous system (the system that regulates a variety of body processes that take place without conscious effort). When this nerve is stimulated, mood and stress levels, sleep focus and cognition, and athletic performance can all be effectively improved.

Vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) has been scientifically researched for decades for its power in improving emotional wellness. Electrical stimulation of the vagus nerve sends messages to the brain to generate calming sensations to the body.

Xen by Nuevana is an innovative tool available to stimulate the vagus nerve. Xen Headphones connect to a handheld device that generates an electrical current, stimulating the vagus nerve and helping you to feel less anxious and more tranquil.

You are better equipped to practice emotional resiliency when you are in this state. Then you can focus on taking steps towards building it.

Become a Master of Emotional Resiliency

If you’re ready to start on your journey towards achieving the ultimate emotional wellness with Xen by Neuvana, you can shop the entire Xen by Neuvana collection here.

Looking to learn more? Take a look at our FAQ page where we cover what it feels like to use Xen headphones when to use Xen by Neuvana technology, and much more.

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