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Biohacking 101: Hack Your Nervous System

Biohacking is usually a term used to describe using a simple shortcut method to enhance the performance of the mind and body. There are certain companies creating very innovative products for biohacking.

Biohacking 101

Let’s talk about simplicity and the nervous system.

These are two terms that don’t seem to go together. But, what if they could? Is it possible to hack the nervous system? Let’s take a look.

The nervous system is complex. It connects the mind and body. Unfortunately, our world includes living under a lot of stress. And this stress wreaks havoc on the nervous system.

Many people find it difficult to balance the nervous system once it has gone out of whack. Traditional healthcare might offer a pill. But, what if we can find a more natural shortcut? This shortcut is what we could call biohacking, or hacking the nervous system.

Biohacking may be a term you haven’t heard of, but certainly you’ve seen it without even knowing it.

Biohacking is a term used to describe a simple shortcut method to enhance the performance of the mind and body. This is a broad definition since the subject of biohacking is constantly evolving.

There are natural ways to hack the nervous system, and there are clever gadgets made by technology that can do the trick. Some companies are creating very innovative products for biohacking. One example would be Xen by Neuvana.

Let’s take a look at some of these shortcuts, but first, let’s talk about the vagus nerve.

The Vagus Nerve: Hack Your Nervous System

First, let’s talk about the vagus nerve. Knowing about the vagus nerve can be a hack in itself. Instead of getting lost with the complexity of the nervous system, focus on this one pathway. The vagus nerve connects it all together.

The vagus nerve wanders from the brain and into the organs of the neck, chest, and abdomen. It is the longest nerve in the body.

It works as the body’s information superhighway. The vagus nerve sends signals from the brain to all other organs in the body. It is in constant communication with the heart, the lungs, and the gut. This nerve is responsible for regulating the body’s stress response.

The vagus nerve carries a tone, or vibration. This is considered the vagal tone. A lower vagal tone possibly indicates higher levels of anxiety and depression. A higher vagal tone signifies higher levels of dopamine and serotonin. A higher tone is the goal.

A mother passes her vagal tone to her child. A mother who is stressed out will have a lower vagal tone, and a mother who is calm will have a higher vagal tone.

Here’s the fascinating part. The vagus nerve has the ability to be tuned. Meaning, its tone is not fixed. The vagal tone can change, even for those who tend to carry a high stress burden..

Toning the Vagus Nerve

The vagus nerve can be toned through breathing, humming, singing, exercise, cold showers, and laughter. There are also certain products designed to tone the vagus nerve.

Xen by Neuvana, is a new piece of technology specifically designed for this purpose. The benefits of this include better mood, improved sleep, reduced stress, and enhanced focus. The Xen headphones are simply a set of earbuds that send a calming electrical signal to the branch of the vagus nerve connected to the ear.

Neurofeedback is another form of biohacking that may help the vagus nerve. This involves being hooked up to a machine that measures your brainwaves. It is designed to create new neuropathways in the brain to reduce stress and anxiety. This is a more costly method to have at home. Most people do this by appointment with a specialist.

Common Biohacking Methods

1. Breathe

A lot of us forget to breathe. At least, we forget to breathe deeply. Remembering to take deep breaths whenever you can will hack the nervous system. This will create results quicker than you think!

2. Track your sleep

Sleep is underrated! Most people need eight to nine hours of sleep per night. Are you getting enough sleep?

There are certain apps you can download to track your sleep. These products test the quality of your sleep. They help you monitor whether or not you’re getting enough.

3. Meditation

Meditation is extremely powerful for the nervous system. Meditation can involve counting breaths, yoga, slow walks outdoors, or just simply sitting still. They say that all we need is fifteen minutes of meditation per day to make a difference!

4. Change Your Diet

Certain diets work better for the nervous system than others. The Keto diet is extremely popular. It’s designed to create quick results. Using probiotics in your diet is a great hack as well. Probiotics quickly begin to repopulate the gut.

They say the gut is our second brain. Any diet focusing on gut health can be a great hack for the mind and body.

5. Exercise

Don’t forget about this one! Our nervous system needs us to move. Do whatever it takes. Make it fun. Try something new. Mix it up. Don’t let this one slip.

Why Gadgets Come in Handy

The thing about natural biohacking methods is that they call for consistency. There is nothing wrong with consistency, but say your schedule makes it difficult to do yoga every day.

This is where some of these gadgets come in handy. The Xen headphones, for example, would be great to integrate into some daily activities, such as time at the office, commuting to work, or watching TV. A device like this one could even be more powerful if paired along with one of the natural biohacking methods, such as jogging, meditation, or breath work.

Neurofeedback would be great to have along with a gadget that tracks your sleep. Try tracking your sleep and doing neurofeedback once a week to track your brainwaves.

Try some different combinations and see what works for you. Explore and try on what feels enjoyable. No matter where we are at in life, we can always benefit from trying on new things for the mind and body.