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Our Top Tips for Providing a Better Night’s Sleep

Technology may be your best bet for winding down at the end of a hectic day. One of the most innovative technologies that you can use to help your wind down is through vagus nerve stimulation with Neuvana’s Xen headphones.

You wake up in the morning knowing full well that you have a big day to conquer. There’s just one problem – you didn’t get a good sleep! How exactly are you meant to take on a hectic day with tiredness looming over your every move? It’s time to work on getting a better night’s sleep!

The quality of your sleep is just as important as getting consistent exercise and eating healthy foods to nourish the body. Without it, you can experience weight gain, an increased risk in disease, or even negative effects on your brain function and hormones.

A better night’s sleep could be the answer to a healthier life all around.

A Better Night’s Sleep for Your Health

In order to contribute to your health, you need to set yourself up for a relaxing sleep that will renew the body each and every night. Without it, your energy is likely to take a generous dip during the day. This dip in energy has a direct effect on your ability to be productive, manage your emotions and more.

We’ve rounded up our top tips for providing a better night’s sleep.

You’ll be well on your way to enjoying a good night’s sleep and making the most out of your day in no time!

Create a Sleep Schedule

Getting into a rhythm when it comes to your sleep schedule, is a great way to create consistency. Set yourself a bedtime for each night and then a time to get up at the same time each morning.

Following a consistent schedule helps your body’s circadian rhythm to function on a set loop. This helps it to align with sunrise and sunset, and aid in long-term sleep quality.

Staying up late or sleeping in on the weekends can make it more difficult for your body to adjust to your weekday schedule. Follow a proper schedule for a better night’s sleep and to wake up more easily in the morning.

Ensure You’re Getting Proper Exercise

Exercise is key in improving your health and getting a better night’s sleep. With even just 20 minutes of exercise a day, sleep can be enhanced as symptoms of insomnia are reduced.

It’s important to know however, that exercising too late in the day can have negative effects on your ability to fall asleep. This is because exercise brings on stimulatory effects that increase hormones like adrenaline.

Try to get your exercise in at least 5 to 6 hours before bedtime and you’ll be well on your way to a good night’s sleep!

Consider Your Light Exposure

It’s helpful to surround yourself with bright lights during the day.

Natural sunlight helps to keep your circadian rhythm healthy which contributes to your energy level throughout the day. It can also help with your sleep quality and duration.

Try to give yourself time in the sun each day, or use artificial bright light devices to get the proper amount of light exposure.

Use Technology to Wind Down

Technology may be your best bet for winding down at the end of a hectic day. One of the most innovative technologies that you can use to help your wind down is through vagus nerve stimulation with Neuvana’s Xen headphones.

The headphones work to deliver electrical signals to your vagus nerve so you can receive vagus nerve stimulation. This stimulation helps you to calm down and recover from stress, which ultimately leads to a good night’s sleep.

Even better, Xen headphones are non-invasive and easy to use right before you drift off to sleep.

You can learn more about how to stimulate the vagus with Neuvana’s Xen headphones for a better night’s sleep here.

A Healthy Diet for a Better Night’s Sleep

The foods and drinks that you put into your body can have a major influence on the quality of your sleep. Try to cut back on sugary foods and refined carbs during the day as they can stimulate wakefulness in the evening.

You should also try to avoid consuming big meals in the evening. Bigger meals can take a long time to digest, which keeps the body awake as you are trying to fall asleep.

Try not to eat late in the evening as much as possible as it can affect the quality of your sleep. It is also known to negatively affect the natural release of melatonin and HGH.

(Learn more about the best foods to eat for a better night's sleep here)

Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol

As you probably know, caffeine is a stimulant which works to keep you awake. For those with sleep problems, it should be avoided, especially during the day.

Keep in mind, there is caffeine in foods and beverages other than coffee. These include soft drinks, chocolate, non-herbal teas, and more.

Alcohol is also known to take away from quality sleep as it keeps you in the lighter stages of sleep.

Adjust Your Sleep Environment

When you follow a sleep routine and set up your sleep environment, the body is better signaled and can start to wind down.

Try to limit noise by closing your windows and doors, or wearing ear plugs. You might also try using a fan or sound machine to mask outside noises.

Ensure that your room is as dark as possible with a blackout window blind and turn off or block artificial light such as your alarm clock.

Set the Temperature for a Better Night's Sleep

It’s common for many people to sleep better in a slightly cooled room. In fact, studies have shown temperature can affect your sleep even more than noise.

When your bedroom is too hot, it’s not likely that you will be able to get a comfortable sleep. Turn the temperature down to around 70 degrees Fahrenheit and get cozy!

Try a Relaxing Bath or Shower

Another great way to wind down and relax the body at the end of a long day is with a bath or shower.

Surrounding yourself with warm water for 1-2 hours before bed helps to stimulate a deeper sleep. It also helps to relax your mood and better prepare you for the sleep ahead.

Set Yourself up with Maximum Comfort

Your bed, pillow, and mattress are important to the overall quality of your sleep.

If your bed or bedding is older than 5-8 years, then it is likely time for a new set! Be sure to do your research and find out what quality is going to be best for your unique needs.

The Next Step Towards a Better Night’s Sleep

It may take some trial and error to figure out which of these tips are going to help you achieve a better night’s sleep. The key is consistently making your sleep a top priority until it becomes a natural part of your everyday life.

If you have other questions about using Xen by Neuvana, be sure to check out our FAQ page where we go over how to use the headphones and more! You can also shop the entire Xen by Neuvana collection here.