New ways to wellness.

The Neuvana app lets you easily customize and control your Xen session. Plus, new VNS waveforms are introduced all the time.

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Connect to your phone.

Get started with just a few taps. Connect Xen to your phone wirelessly via Bluetooth®.

Sync to your music.

The waveform follows the beat of your music. Works with your music library, Spotify®, Pandora®, and other streaming apps.

Customize your sessions.

Choose a waveform and adjust the intensity to find what works best for you.

The platform.

Researchers are discovering new VNS waveforms and benefits regularly. The Neuvana app is an ever-growing platform where these new waveforms can be uploaded as they’re discovered to bring the latest in VNS benefits to users worldwide.

Optimize your Xen experience.

Subscribe to our Premium app to download new sensations and
waveforms as researchers discover more beneficial VNS signals.


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Download the app.

Features Overview

Applying Saline to the Earbud

How to set up Xen by Neuvana

Music Setup

Sensation Setup

Sync Session