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Enhance Memory and Focus: Hacks for More Effective Studying

We've all experienced those moments during study sessions when the words on the page seem to blur together, and nothing sticks in our minds. Distractions and interruptions have become increasingly prevalent, making effective studying a challenge. But fret not, for we're here to share our favorite hacks to improve memory and focus, elevating the quality of your studying experience.

Head for a Walk:

When faced with the prospect of a daunting exam, the inclination to cram last-minute might be strong. However, a brisk 20-minute walk can work wonders for your cognitive prowess. Engaging in moderate aerobic activity has been shown to boost "cognitive control," making it an excellent alternative to last-minute cramming. So, before your next big exam, invest 20 minutes in moderate physical activity, and witness how it aids you in recalling essential information during your test.

Reward Yourself:

Treat yourself during study sessions to enhance motivation and productivity. Struggling to make progress while reading several chapters? Here's an engaging hack: Open your textbook and place small treats on each section of text across both pages. These treats could be something as simple as gummies or Smarties, serving as delightful motivators. Each time you finish a section, reward yourself with the treat, acknowledging the progress you've made. Alternatively, try placing a treat at the start of each chapter to encourage steady progress through your reading list.

Read Out Loud:

If you find that retaining information from your reading is challenging, consider this effective hack: read out loud. Instead of silently reading in your head, vocalize the content more than once. Reading aloud has been shown to offer a significant boost in content retention, as confirmed by a study from the University of Waterloo. The "production effect" of reading information aloud helps store the knowledge in your long-term memory. Embrace this method while studying at home, and let your voice aid your memory retention.

Eliminate Distractions:

To improve memory and focus during study sessions, it is essential to eliminate obvious distractions that hinder your progress. Take control of your study environment by moving your phone to another room, finding a quiet and dedicated space within your home, or considering noise-canceling headphones to create a focused atmosphere. By setting yourself up for success and minimizing potential disruptions, you can optimize your study sessions.

Take Regular Breaks:

The temptation to power through a marathon study session without breaks is understandable. However, research shows that regular breaks can actually improve focus and concentration. While the exact timing of these breaks may vary, evidence suggests that intervals between 50 and 90 minutes work best for most individuals. For instance, the United States Army research institute identified 90-minute cycles called "ultradian rhythms," which suggest taking a break every 90 minutes. Alternatively, adherents of the Pomodoro technique opt for a five-minute break for every 25 minutes of work.


Meditation holds remarkable potential in enhancing memory and focus during study sessions. Devoting just five minutes to mindfulness and meditation before starting your studies can significantly improve the efficacy of your learning experience. If you haven't found success with a particular meditation technique in the past, don't be discouraged! Various meditation styles exist, and it's worth exploring different methods to discover the one that resonates best with you.

Improve Memory and Focus with Xen by Neuvana:

Finally, the power of vagus nerve stimulation through Xen by Neuvana can't be overlooked when seeking to enhance memory and focus. At Neuvana, we've designed vagus nerve stimulation to be effortless and accessible. As you study, you can simply put on the Xen headphones, control the Neuvana app through your smartphone, and enjoy your favorite sounds or music while the vagus nerve is stimulated.

New to Xen? It’s a neuro-tech device delivering gentle micropulses to the vagus nerve in your ear through the headphones. The device wirelessly pairs with the Neuvana app, offering customization options for your sessions. The result? Improved focus and calm wherever you are. Imagine the impact of improved focus and calm on the effectiveness of your study sessions.

Moreover, Xen can be used in various settings, not just during your study sessions. For example, if you take a 20-minute study break to go for a walk, why not bring your Xen along to enjoy the vagus nerve stimulation benefits simultaneously? You can choose to listen to your favorite music while using them or simply bask in the sensation in serene silence.

Beyond improving memory and focus, Xen by Neuvana offers a multitude of other benefits, including boosting mood, enhancing sleep, and promoting overall well-being.