Post Pandemic: How to Calm Your Anxiety

Post Pandemic: How to Calm Your Anxiety

Nothing seems to have been very easy during the past year. The worldwide pandemic dug its heels in and left us all feeling a little different than we might have before. For some, it meant being left feeling very anxious and wondering how to calm their anxiety.

Now as we begin to return to a bit of “normalcy” in our world, it only makes sense that many will experience post pandemic anxiety. Restrictions are lifting and we’re all slowly transitioning back to social events and working in person. Not only that, after being locked down, people are excited to get back out. They’re coming back in full force, especially with the warm weather summer brings.

What is Post Pandemic Anxiety?

Post pandemic anxiety is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the anxiety someone can feel or develop as a result of experiencing the changes and challenges the pandemic brought on.

Transitions can be a lot more anxiety ridden for some than others as they have become used to things being one way only for them to be changed later on. 

This could be social anxiety and having stressful feelings about going to work, or attending a gathering. It can be hard to get back into the swing of being social. For parents, post pandemic anxiety could include anxious feelings around their kids returning to school. 

Regardless of the reason for post pandemic anxiety, the most important thing is that you learn how to calm your anxiety.

How to Calm Your Anxiety

We’ve gone ahead and collected this list of great ways to help calm your anxiety. Even if you’re not heading back to normal life at the moment, it will be important to get ahead of the game. Especially if you’re someone who experiences anxiety around big change. Let’s dive in!

Focus on what you can control

It’s common when you’re feeling anxious to also feel like things are spinning out of control. Or uncertain about the things going on in your life. It’s important to remember the things you can control when dealing with a stressful situation that sparks your anxiety.

Focusing on what you can control can help you to feel a lot better. For example, if you are invited to a friend’s house for a gathering, think about how you can control the amount you wash your hands or how close you get to others.

Try accepting what you’re feeling

Rather than suppressing your feelings or pushing them away, try seeing what it feels like to accept them. It’s important to remember not to judge yourself for having certain feelings and instead, see them for what they are.

There are all kinds of different emotions you can experience while entering back into the world. You might be excited, or you might be slightly stressed about it. Coming to terms with your emotions and letting yourself feel them is important to managing them. Let your emotions take their course and don’t ever feel bad about it!

Think about what things you’re excited about doing again

If you’re finding that most of your feelings around returning to normal life again are negative, try focusing on what you are excited about instead. If being around people is something that brings you stress, perhaps the idea of being able to go to your favorite coffee shop will bring you joy.

The idea is that you can push yourself to realize there are ways to find joy in the changes that are about to occur. The more you are able to create a sense of hope and happiness, the better off you will be when the time comes.

Gradually get back into activities

Going back to regular life doesn’t mean you need to throw yourself in full force. Especially if you’re someone who experiences anxiety around it.

Instead of jumping in head first, consider easing yourself back into whatever activities you might be partaking in. Making plans too quickly could lead to feeling exhausted and then wondering why you don’t feel the exact same way you used to. Taking things slow is definitely key. Take it easy and remember to be considerate of your own needs first.  

Be kind to yourself and disconnect when you need to

It’s incredible that how we treat ourselves can have such an effect on our anxiety. Being kind to yourself is something everyone should remember from time to time, but especially as we’re heading back out into the world.

Take things slow and disconnect from the world when you need to. You of course want to stay informed, but too much negative news can be a major contributor to anxiety. If you’re finding your feeds are leaving you feeling more negative than anything, then it may be time to disconnect for a while.

Accept the changes in your life because of the pandemic

We know the pandemic brought on a lot of change, but have you really accepted all of that change? If you’re feeling anxious about returning to the world then this could be a question for you.

Accepting your reality makes it a lot easier to take control. You can more effectively plan your next steps and try to remember that anxiety isn’t something you’re going to have to deal with constantly. It will lessen with time, especially as you learn how to manage it in the healthiest way possible.

Get help when you need it

Sometimes you can be doing everything in your power to try and manage your anxiety but nothing seems to work. If that’s the case then it could be time to get help from a mental health professional.

This could be especially important for those who feel their re-entry anxiety is getting in the way of their ability to complete everyday tasks or even their job. Everyone experiences anxiety at different levels and around different things. Don’t wait to get help if you’re considering it. It could be just what you need to help with your return.

Remember to have self-compassion

If you’re feeling anxious about returning to work or school, or whatever “regular” life looks like to you, it could be some self-compassion you’re lacking. If you’re dealing with social anxiety as a result of the pandemic, don’t push yourself to go too fast. Take it at your own pace and let people know you will need more time in order to get up to their speed.

Setting boundaries can be incredibly healthy for you and those around you. Not to mention having an understanding that there may be some things you need to let go of.

Vagus nerve stimulation

Vagus nerve stimulation is one of the more unique, but effective ways to calm your anxiety on our list. The vagus nerve is an intricate network of ganglia that begins in the brainstem. It also happens to be the main source of communication between your brain and your stomach. It sends and receives important parasympathetic information for the autonomic nervous system.

When the vagus nerve becomes stimulated, mood and anxiety levels can be greatly improved. The process helps you to become relaxed and be in a better state to manage your anxiety.

One of the best ways to stimulate the vagus nerve is with the Xen Headphones. They connect to a handheld device and generate an electrical current. This current stimulates the vagus nerve and helps you to feel a lot more at ease.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol

Caffeine and alcohol are both substances you should avoid if you’re having anxiety around returning to the world. Caffeine is known to induce anxiety or make it even worse so it’s definitely something you will want to quit if you’re trying to improve it.

You might also think alcohol will relax you but it actually can mess with your serotonin levels which eventually make your symptoms worse. Stay away from these two until your anxiety is improved. You’ll thank yourself later on.

Write down what you’re dealing with

It’s amazing how writing things down can help to relax you and put you at ease when dealing with anxiety. Not only that, writing down what you’re dealing with can be a great exercise for managing it.

Try writing down what it is you’re feeling in order to make better sense of it. You might keep a journal in order to record your emotions and feelings and reduce your stress in the process. Writing can be incredibly therapeutic and help you to get in a better mindset when challenges get thrown your way such as dealing with post pandemic changes.

Lean on your social circle

Even though you might feel like you’re bothering people by leaning on them with your problems, it can be a huge help to you when managing anxiety. Chances are your social circle of friends and family will be more than happy to help you talk through what you’re dealing with.

Not only that, they may have experienced something similar which could be an even bigger help in getting you through your feelings. It could be a hack that worked for them or even a few kind words. Whatever it is, leaning on others is definitely something to try when it comes to post pandemic anxiety.

Hydrate and exercise

Your body is connected to your mind which means it’s important to treat it right! Hydration is key in keeping your anxiety at bay. In fact, not drinking enough water can even make your anxiety worse. Drink up, especially when you’re feeling panicked or on the verge of an anxiety attack.

Exercise and movement are also a great idea when dealing with anxiety. That’s because anxiety causes a buildup of adrenaline which needs to be used up with exercise. Even just a walk can do wonders for easing your anxiety and making you feel great.

Get in your alone time

This one might come as a surprise to some, as when you’re anxious it can be great to surround yourself with support. But it can also be really great to disconnect from the reset of the world and spend some time on yourself. If you’re easing back into socialization, be sure to still get your alone time whenever you can.

This can serve as an opportunity to reconnect with yourself and practice mindfulness.

Unwind and practice self-care

At the end of the day, you need to take care of yourself. And what better way to do that than with some dedicated self-care? Pick a day and time to focus on yourself. That could mean taking a bath or closing your eyes and listening to your favorite music.

Whatever it may be, taking the time to do things that are healthy for your mind and body will do wonders for easing your anxiety.

Next Steps in Improving Your Anxiety

As you make big transitions and changes in our post pandemic world remember to go easy on yourself. It can be difficult to find the perfect anxiety management tool for you, but taking the step to find one that works for you is the best thing you can do.

You may have highs and lows throughout the process, but you’re sure to find a technique that works great. If you’re looking for a unique and effective way to experience vagus nerve stimulation, we encourage you to give the Xen by Neuvana Headphones a try!

It has been proven and is very well accepted that anxiety can have very negative effects on the mind and body. However, vagus nerve stimulation with Xen can help you to better manage and calm your anxiety, all while allowing you to experience its many benefits.

If you would like to learn more about this incredible product click here. You’re sure to love everything that Xen by Neauvana has to offer. You can also check out this handy list of FAQs for more information.

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