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March 09, 2020 1 min read

"Recently, drug addiction treatment centers have begun to use Xen as one component of their protocol and the results and feedback are very enthusiastic.

It is Neuvana’s expectation, the adoption of Xen will be widespread in rehabs, sober livings, and part of evidence-based treatment, one which can be, not only, used where the client is treated, but one which is cool to use, even after the patient is discharged and goes home.

One more tool to bring hope to those suffering in this fight against the addiction epidemic currently raging.

This all sounds great; I’ve been sober for 25 years but what I can say is, “I tried it, I felt it immediately, I slept like a 12-year-old boy on summer vacation, and I’ve felt great.”

If you’ve been looking for something that works to help with your recovery, depression, anxiety, and more, that is holistic, science-backed, inexpensive, easy, and cool to use, try Xen by Neuvana."

Read the full Recovery Today Magazine article.