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Earbud-like device offers better sleep, lower anxiety, South Florida surgeon says

December 20, 2021

A new device developed by local doctors uses your ear as a non-invasive gateway to better sleep, lower anxiety, better mood and improved cognitive abilities. Invented by a South Florida cardiac surgeon and backed by neuroscience, Neuvana’s Xen device stimulates the vagus nerve through the ear. “The vagus nerve is...

Post Pandemic: How to Calm Your Anxiety

July 29, 2021

Nothing seems to have been very easy during the past year. The worldwide pandemic dug its heels in and left us all feeling a little different than we might have before. For some, it meant being left feeling very anxious and wondering how to calm their anxiety.   Now as...

Stress Symptoms: Emotional, Physical, and Psychological Signs

July 22, 2021

We’re all very familiar with the term stress. It’s one that gets tossed around a lot in our everyday conversations and is something just about everyone deals with to some extent. But what are some of the important stress symptoms and which ones should you be looking out for? Let’s...

South Florida Health Tech Firm Adds Three Renowned Medical Leaders To Its Scientific Advisory Board, Moving The Needle for Neuroscience Technology

June 01, 2021

West Palm Beach, FL — June 2, 2021 — Neuvana LLC, a leader in neuroscience technology, announced today the addition of three new members to its scientific advisory board. These prominent scientists, all well-respected professionals in the medical field and from across the country, include:   Dr. Geraldine Dawson is...

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