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In Today’s Hyper-Connected Workplace, Nearly Half of Professionals Think Vacation is More Stressful than it’s Worth

January 23, 2020

48% say taking time off for vacation causes more work-related stress than it’s worth. Nearly 7 in 10 Americans would prefer to return exclusively to email for work-related communication. 82% have been contacted by a colleague via a personal channel about a work-related matter. 47% agree that having multiple communication...

Neuvana Xen First Impressions - Coach Matthew Hatson

January 06, 2020

"It’s a great time to be a gadget fan. The emergence of crowdfunding has allowed crazy inventors to access money that previously they would have had to sell their soul to an investor for. One such gadget is Neuvana’s Xen Vagus Nerve Stimulator (or VNS for short). Originally crowdfunded in...

A New 2020 Testimony for XEN by Neuvana from Chief Physiotherapist

January 06, 2020

"We have been using Neuvana’s first-generation product for 4 years and the second generation, Xen, is even better with all its advancements! We are so excited with the results we see when we use Xen! We see lower blood pressure and respiration rates, improved sleep, better mood, a greater tolerance...

These Gadgets Will Help You Accomplish Your New Year's Resolutions - Essence

January 03, 2020

"Picking a New Year’s resolution is easy, but sticking to it is where things get challenging. Unfortunately, many of us even fail within the first few weeks. Thankfully, there is a ton of existing and emerging technology that have been created to help you create and stick to your goals....