Pushing Yourself Out of Your Comfort Zone

Challenging Your Comfort Zone

The comfort zone. The intangible, psychological boundaries you develop as you go through life. As long as you function within the confined comfort zone, life is good and dandy. All of your experie...
Stress biohacks Xen by Neuvana

Our Top Tips to Biohack Your Life & Eliminate Unwanted Stress

Today we’re sharing with you our favorite tips to biohack your life and eliminate unwanted stress. And they couldn’t come at a better time! During these days of unprecedented events, lots of peopl...
Managing Emotions with Xen by Neuvana

Navigating Emotional Hardship

With everything going on in the world right now, it’s hard not to be emotionally affected. Experiencing emotional hardship is expected during this historical pandemic. That being said, it’s becomi...
Effective Biohacks for Stress Relief

7 of the Most Effective Biohacks for Stress Relief

You can't go far without hearing the word "hacking" in today's world. You've heard of computer hacking. You've heard of election hacking. But what about biohacking? Unlike your traditional compute...
10 hacks for anxiety and stress relief

10 Hacks for Anxiety and Stress Relief

Raise your hand if you could use some stress relief right now! Like many of us, regular day to day life as well as current events that switch things up has led to increased levels of stress and an...
Neuvana Xen Earbuds

People Who Can Benefit from Wearing Neuvana Stress-reducing Earbuds

Modern society today is not conducive to peacefulness or relaxation. In fact, many people today operate at faster and more hectic paces than ever before. They rarely get a moment's downtime becaus...
Xen by Neuvana Life

What Happens When We Procrastinate?

Procrastination. A torturous and anxiety-provoking concept for all of us planners. But the truth is, we’ve all done it before. You know, that feeling when you just really don’t want to do somethin...
Xen by Neuvana Life

Finding the Calm in Your Every Day

Your mind is racing. You have so much to do and not enough time to do it. Or maybe you can’t stop thinking about that one conversation yesterday because you feel you really should have said this o...
Neuvana Life Workplace Stress

Workplace Stress & Employee Wellness

The modern workplace employee is more stressed-out than ever. Leaving late, working long hours, too much sitting, it all adds up and it’s stressing everyone out! Even when you leave the office, it...