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What Happens When We Procrastinate?

Procrastination. A torturous and anxiety-provoking concept for all of us planners. But the truth is, we’ve all done it before. You know, that feeling when you just really don’t want to do somethin...
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31 Days of Self-Care

If you’re beginning to feel burned out, exhausted, unhappy, and uninspired, there is a simple solution that is very often overlooked: self-care. Taking time for yourself may seem unrealistic or im...
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Finding the Calm in Your Every Day

Your mind is racing. You have so much to do and not enough time to do it. Or maybe you can’t stop thinking about that one conversation yesterday because you feel you really should have said this o...
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How Music Affects the Brain

Sometimes, music just strikes the right note in us. We get chills, begin to tap our feet, bob our heads, and sing along. The truth is, we, as humans, are totally compelled by music. It motivates u...
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How Caffeine Affects Your Nervous System

Sometimes it’s difficult to get moving in the morning. Gloomy days and not enough sleep can leave us feeling exhausted. And sure, we all love that cup of coffee that helps kick start our mornings....
Neuvana Life Workplace Stress

Workplace Stress & Employee Wellness

The modern workplace employee is more stressed-out than ever. Leaving late, working long hours, too much sitting, it all adds up and it’s stressing everyone out! Even when you leave the office, it...
Neuvana Dealing With Uncertainty

Dealing With the Stress of Uncertainty

Human beings are creatures of habit. We like it when we feel in control of our lives and when everything happens as we planned. But when the unexpected occurs, it can be stressful. The way we re...
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Your Gut-Brain Connection Explained

Did you know that your gut is extremely powerful over your brain? The gut-brain connection (also known as the gut-brain axis) affects your health much more than you know. Scientists are still rese...
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Declutter Your Life in 2020

Did the holidays and end of 2019 make you feel a little extra stressed and burnt out? We know the feeling. Sometimes it’s challenging to not get caught up in too many commitments and routines, so ...